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At the intersection of
Artistry and terroir

THE Fantesca Philosophy

A Treasure to be Shared

In our own lives, wine tends to be at the center of every celebration. Gatherings of family and friends lead to sharing stories and giving thanks for the gifts of health, friendship, and love — all over a great bottle of wine. Here’s to sharing a treasure with close friends.

— Susan & Duane Hoff, Proprietors —

Estate discovery experience

Private Tours & Tastings

Discover a luxurious Napa Valley experience through a private tour and tasting at Fantesca. Explore stunning Spring Mountain views and savor world-class wines crafted by Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi.

A couple tasting champagne at the winery.


The Fantesca Collection

Our portfolio is a testament to masterful winemaking by Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi, offering a remarkable array of elegant and sophisticated wines that capture Fantesca's unique story.


The Story of Fantesca

Trading the Twin Cities for wine country and board meetings for blending meetings, Susan and Duane Hoff left their corporate lives to follow a dream.


Beyond the Bottle

The Fantesca experience extends beyond each bottle of wine. It's a place where history, passion, and community converge to create a legacy that epitomizes dedication, craftsmanship, and a profound love for crafting exceptional wines.

Fantesca Fortune Corkies across the table.

Fortune Corkies

What started as a family practice has transformed into a unique way for members to contribute to the Fantesca legacy. Our Fortune Corkies use cherished quotes submitted by members to foster connections, sparking conversation with every uncorked bottle.

An outdoor dinner event in the vineyards.

Upcoming Events

At Fantesca, our events open doors to extraordinary encounters, offering you more than just exclusive experiences. They serve as a platform for fostering connections in a world filled with unparalleled luxury and unique opportunities.


explore membership

The benefits of joining the Fantesca family extend far beyond the opportunity to acquire our exceptional wine — gain access to the inaccessible, discover unique finds, and connect with like minded oenophiles.

A photo of Fantesca's Wine Cave
Guests around a dinner table laughing.
A photo of Fantesca's Order Form on a table.
A photo of wine being poured at a dinner table.
Winemaker Heidi Barrett walking through the cave.
Phot of Dinner in the Vineyards
A photo of winemaker Tony Arcudi sampling wine out of a barrel.
Photo of Fantesca's All Great Things Cabernet Blend and Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Wines.
Sunrise over the vineyard.