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DLynn Proctor Holding Chardonnay in the Cellar
A world beyond wine

Estate Treasures

Sprawling olive trees, bountiful gardens, apiaries buzzing with honey bees — our estate treasures stretch beyond exquisite wines. We transform these hand-harvested gems into chef-crafted jams, hand-bottled olive oils, and local honey that we share with members and guests as a way to celebrate the land that gives us so much.

Chelsea Hoff sorting grapes during harvest season.
A photo of honey in a jar.
believe the buzz

Honey Bees

In Spring of 2014, we joined forces with Napa Valley Bee Co. to build a bee colony next to our Cabernet vineyard. Today, our hive houses 13 frames. The foraging conditions for bees in the Napa Valley region tend to lead to darker, richer honey — which is exactly what we saw in our first harvest in 2015. Each honey harvest is a treat, as it's a testament to the bees' care for the land that mirrors our own.

a bite of paradise

Jams & Jellies

Nestled on the northeastern stretch of our Spring Mountain estate lies a garden jewel, lovingly tended by proprietress Susan Hoff. It's an array of nature's finest fruits, vegetables, and herbs purposefully cultivated to create Fantesca's signature jams and jellies.

Each year, our garden yields a bounty that’s crafted into delectable jams and jellies, capturing the essence of our Napa Valley home. Occasionally, in a gesture of gratitude and warmth, we gift these treasures to our cherished members. One spoonful and they're transported right back to Fantesca, savoring a piece of our paradise.

Photo of Jams from Above