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DLynn Proctor Holding Chardonnay in the Cellar
leading our vision

Winemaking Team

Under the expert guidance of Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi, we blend artful winemaking with distinctive terroir, showcased in the Fantesca Collection. Our commitment to sustainable farming ensures each wine reflects its origin's true essence. Barrett and Arcudi's leadership not only shapes our winemaking but also transforms our wines into stories of the land, offering a taste of the intimate dialogue between artistry and terroir.

Heidi Barrett Pouring Wine

Heidi Barrett

Heidi Barrett, a revered figure in winemaking, meticulously crafts Fantesca's profile, bringing elegance and depth to every bottle.

Tony Arcudi holding a glass of wine.

Tony Arcudi

Tony's winemaking journey expertly combines art, science, and agriculture, crafting wines of unparalleled quality and complexity.