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DLynn Proctor Holding Chardonnay in the Cellar
About Us

The Story of Fantesca

Spanning continents and centuries, our story began long before our first production and extends beyond wine. United by a shared passion for viticulture, our dedicated team of talented individuals honors our past and builds our future.

a legacy in the making

Our Founding Story

Nestled in Spring Mountain, Napa Valley, Fantesca Estate & Winery is a distinguished icon of refined viticulture with a rich history extending back to the 19th century. In 2004, the estate entered a new era when Susan and Duane Hoff, with their robust passion for wine and deep industry knowledge, left their corporate lives behind and took the reins as proprietors.

In the whirlwind of transforming Best Buy into a Fortune 100 powerhouse, Susan and Duane found solace in quiet evenings, bonding over shared glasses of wine. This intimate ritual ignited their passion for viticulture and inspired a mutual dream — to create a family-run business centered around community and the convivial spirit of wine. Committed to crafting rare, exceptional wines, they foster an environment that offers unforgettable experiences to members and guests.

To realize this vision, the Hoffs assembled a team of the wine world's most talented figures, including winemakers Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi, and Director DLynn Proctor. Their expertise has brought forth a celebrated collection of wines — each bottle a testament to the team's commitment to quality, sustainability, and tradition.

The Fantesca experience extends beyond the bottle. It includes access to immersive events that capture the essence of winemaking and foster a sense of community. At Fantesca Estate & Winery, every bottle uncorks the spirit of Napa Valley. It's a place where history, passion, and community converge to create a legacy that epitomizes dedication, craftsmanship, and a profound love for crafting exceptional wines.

An embodiment of inspiration

Our Namesake

Fantesca's Harlequin Namesake
Fantesca's Logo

"When we heard La Fantesca described as 'sexy, smart, and unpretentious,' we knew we found a name worth living up to."

— Susan & Duane Hoff, Proprietors —
a rich legacy

La Fantesca

Fantesca's namesake stems from a character in the Italian troupe that inspired Cirque du Soleil. La Fantesca was the single female character in the early theatrical performances of Commedia dell'Arte. Both the lover and the equal of the protagonist, Harlequin, La Fantesca could always be counted on to charm the audience. Our brand is La Fantesca's fiery red signature, which mirrors her personality of the time.

A Look back

Our History

Fantesca seamlessly weaves a storied past with today's artistry, producing Napa Valley's most exquisite wines. Our deep-rooted history, inspired by our namesake and land, propels us forward as pioneers in crafting ultra-premium wines that unite enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


Charles Krug Receives Caroline Bale's Dowry

Fantesca's vineyard is part of Caroline Bale's dowry of 300+ acres  Charles Krug received upon their marriage in 1860. He used that same land to build Napa Valley's first winery. In 1889, the first recognized female winemaker in California, Hannah Weinberger, won one of the first awards for a wine for a Cabernet Sauvignon she produced using fruit from the vineyard.

2000 - 2001

Wine Cave & Winery Redeveloped

According to legend, our 280-foot cave in spring mountain was originally a silver mine. The abandoned silver mine was transformed into a cave to house our wines in a cool environment as they age and a full-scale winery was built.


Susan and Duane Hoff Start Fantesca Estate & Winery

Susan and Duane purchase the 53-acre parcel with a 10-acre vineyard. They immediately invested in the land by prioritizing sustainable and organic farming practices with the help of vineyard manager, Jim Barbour. To this day, we are firmly rooted in our CCOF status. We preserve biodiversity, ensure ecological balance, employ natural pest management, and sustain soil integrity.

The People behind the wine

The Fantesca Family

From the beginning, our dedicated team of winemakers, vineyard staff, and hospitality professionals, has strived to put Fantesca at the forefront of luxury experiences and wine. They are still just as passionate as they were from day one and continue to build our legacy, refusing to settle for anything short of extraordinary.