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Fortune Corkie Collection
a cherished tradition

Fantesca's Fortune Corkies

The creation of Napa wines is a shared source of pride for the Hoff family. The inception of their unique corks occurred during a family dinner, a casual evening filled with Chinese take-out. The Hoffs had a cherished tradition of reading aloud their fortunes pulled from the fortune cookies, sparking engaging conversations and lasting memories.

On one such occasion, their daughter, Chelsea Hoff, now an esteemed winemaker herself with Fearless Wines, put forth a novel idea as she read her fortune. She suggested, "We should add fortunes on our wine corks and call them 'Fortune Corkies.'" Inspired, the Hoffs incorporated the idea into their winemaking tradition, giving birth to "Fortune Corkies."

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We encourage you to partake in our tradition. Each March, we gather the submissions and review them as a team. The top 10 quotes will earn a spot on a Fortune Corkie, inspiring generations to come. We've outlined a few ground rules below to help you:

Limit quotes to 24 words or less.

Limit of three entrees per person annually.

Have fun and share great wine with exceptional friends.

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