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Director of Hospitality & Retail Operations

Angela Frederick

Wine enthusiast, culinary adventurer, and Golden Retriever lover, Angela creates unforgettable moments at Fantesca.
Angela Frederick

Angela Frederick, Fantesca's Director of Hospitality and Retail Operations, brings a wealth of over 17 years of experience in the wine industry to her role. An alumnus of Arizona State University, Angela's career trajectory took a flavorful turn post her stint as a Junior Staffer for the United States Senate Small Business Committee in Washington D.C. Her passion for culinary arts led her to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, setting the stage for a distinguished wine career, beginning with Duckhorn and Paraduxx Vineyards.

At Fantesca Estate & Winery, Angela's expertise shines through in her dedication to crafting memorable guest experiences and driving brand awareness. She has been pivotal in developing hospitality strategies that resonate with Fantesca's mission and vision, alongside leading a team of hospitality professionals who share her commitment to excellence and innovation.

When not weaving the magic at Fantesca, Angela is a true foodie, relishing her time with her husband, Rich, and Golden Retriever, Joe. Her love for culinary adventures and wine, coupled with her professional acumen, makes her an indispensable part of the Fantesca family, continually seeking new challenges and growth opportunities.


The Fantesca Collection

Our portfolio is a testament to masterful winemaking by Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi, offering a remarkable array of elegant and sophisticated wines that capture Fantesca's unique story.