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Estate Host

Keith Ryan Cullison

With a passion for unforgettable guest experiences, Keith stands as a true representation of all that Napa Valley hospitality entails.
Keith Ryan Cullison

As a second-generation Napan, Keith Cullison's journey through Napa Valley is both personal and deeply rooted. Born and raised amidst the lush vineyards, he has seen firsthand the labor, love, and lore that goes into every bottle of wine produced here.

From his early days in the hospitality industry, starting as a teenager, Keith consistently showcased his dedication to the guest experience. Whether it was his role as a Bell Supervisor at Meadowood, maintaining impeccable service standards, or his tenure as a Concierge at Las Alcobas and Auberge Du Soleil, where he created memorable Napa Valley itineraries, Keith’s depth of knowledge and commitment have always been evident. His academic foundation, a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Napa Valley College, further solidifies his expertise in the field.

It was during his time at The Restaurant at Meadowood that Keith's passion for wine truly blossomed. This, combined with his subsequent roles, such as the successful stint as Hospitality Coordinator & Estate Host at Amizetta Estate Winery, has equipped him with a profound understanding of the wine industry and its intricate relationship with hospitality.

In 2018, Keith discovered Fantesca and immediately felt a connection. Having already crossed paths with many of the team members in previous roles, joining as their Estate Host felt like a natural progression. Given his extensive background, deep love for wine, and unwavering commitment to hospitality, Keith is uniquely positioned to ensure every guest at Fantesca not only experiences the best of Napa Valley but also feels the warmth and welcoming spirit he embodies.


The Fantesca Collection

Our portfolio is a testament to masterful winemaking by Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi, offering a remarkable array of elegant and sophisticated wines that capture Fantesca's unique story.