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Associate Winemaker

Tony Arcudi

Tony's winemaking journey expertly combines art, science, and agriculture, crafting wines of unparalleled quality and complexity.
Tony Arcudi

From the depths of the ocean in a Navy submarine to the lush vineyards of Napa Valley, Tony Arcudi's life story is a complex blend of adventure, determination, and refined taste. Tony's journey began far from the winemaking world, first navigating missile systems and later maneuvering through the tech sector. But it was a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape that stirred a passion deep within, leading him to trade circuit boards for grapevines.

Boston bred, Tony's love for cooking and the culinary arts was cultivated by his parents' kitchen and a backyard garden. Though a pragmatic career in the Navy came first, the world of wine was calling, and at age 38, Tony answered that call with a courageous leap of faith.

His path to winemaking was anything but smooth; initially rejected by UC Davis due to his unconventional background, Tony persisted, eventually earning not only acceptance but a Regents Scholarship. His education continued with hands-on experience at Stagecoach Vineyards and a fellowship at the prestigious Maison M. Chapoutier in France.

Returning stateside, Tony honed his skills as an Assistant Winemaker at Nickel & Nickel before an unexpected encounter with Heidi Barrett at a conference landed him a role at Fantesca in 2009. Here, he worked closely with Heidi on Fantesca's wines and became the sole Winemaker for King Richard's Reserve Pinot Noir.

Tony's unorthodox journey became his greatest asset, his experiences both inside and outside the world of wine melding into an approach that effortlessly blends art, science, and agriculture. Whether working with Fantesca, scoring 100-point triumphs at Kapcsandy Family Winery, or crafting his own wine brand, Tony pours his soul into every bottle.

Reflecting on his incredible journey, Tony says, "Honestly now, before winemaking, everything else seems like one big detour." His path may have been winding, but it led to the perfect destination. Tony Arcudi is not just a winemaker; he's a maestro of the vine, turning grapes into symphonies, one glass at a time.


The Fantesca Collection

Our portfolio is a testament to masterful winemaking by Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi, offering a remarkable array of elegant and sophisticated wines that capture Fantesca's unique story.